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About us

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About medicalfly

Founded 15 years ago in Berlin/ Germany, medicalfly is an experienced health tourism agent which helps people to receive the high-quality health services in affordable prices in Turkey. With an experience of 15 years and more than 4500 happy and satisfied patients, medicalfly continues its services from the Berlin, İstanbul and İzmir offices with several partner hospitals, partner doctors and partner clinics in Turkey’s different cities.

A New Life, A New You

We work with various hospitals, doctors and clinics in Turkey’s most famous cities such as İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and more. When you contact us with a request, we can refer you to a highly qualified, experienced and renowned doctor who perfectly prepares a treatment plan which is tailored to your needs.

Our selection of hospitals, doctors and plastic surgeons is the result of a long research and elimination process. Over many years we have dealt with a high number of clinics and doctors. Also analysing the industrial reports, assesments, professional opinions, we have created our portfolio of partner hospitals, clinics and doctors which consist of only high quality, A+ service providers.

We as medicalfly care about our clients and always strive for their satisfaction in each phase, each step. That is why we always ask ourselves how can we do better and how can we improve.

We assure you that we will be with you in each step providing you the trust you need during your journey with medicalfly to a new Life, a new You.


Our company philosophy

As medicalfly, our primary goal is to help people achieve a higher quality of life. We want to achieve our goal by brining healthy steps to the happiness in our clients’ lives. For this reason, we want to offer high-quality, world-class healthcare services performed by expert hands at affordable costs. This is only possible with our 15 years of experience and hardwork.

When it comes to health; we have to choose the right doctor, hospital and clinic for our clients. Therefore, our goal is always providing the highest level of trust and high quality service.

At the end of each day, we ask ourselves if we are fulfilling this goal and discuss what we can do to make it better the next day.

Our clients are just like family members for us so their health is as important and prominent. We’ve always adopted the motto of “health first”, and prepare all our products and services meticulously in this direction.

You can click here to contact us for a free consultation or you can connect our main website here: www.medicalfly.de/en

Özge Tor Vural

Manager and founder