Before Your Travel to Turkey

Before Your Travel to Turkey

We as medicalfly promise that we will be by your side with each step of your journey with us in to a new you. So we would like to give you a few useful information about travelling to Turkey for your surgery.

Your travel organisation will be done through medicalfly and you will not need to think about anything before coming to Turkey for your bariatric surgery. Your flight tickets and hotel reservations will be completed by our colleagues and you will be informed about your itinerary. Our partner hotels are results of a long research and assessment process. Since we promise to provide the best service to our clients, our partner hotels and institutions must also be so. You can benefit from our partner hotels or residence apartment owned by medicalfly for your accommodation when you decide for your bariatric surgery in Turkey.

VIP Transfer Service

When travelling to Turkey for your surgery, you will be picked up by our VIP transfer vehicle and professional driver who will be waiting you at the airport on your arrival. In our vehicle, you will have the chance have a rest after your flight, surf the internet or enjoy cold soft beverages (before your fasting time for your surgery). You can also use the refreshment kits and read while you are heading to your hotel or the hospital.

You will be met by our colleagues at the hospital when you arrive. Your check in process will be smooth and easy without waiting because we know that your time is precious. The next morning your tests and consultations will start for your bariatric surgery in Turkey.

Other than these, here is a few useful information that might come in handy before you are travelling to Turkey. You can always contact us for more information and specific questions.


Visa Requirements

Most of the European citizens don’t need a visa when entering to Turkey or you might be asked to apply for an e-visa. Please have a look at the just to be prepared.


Turkish Lira is the official currency in Turkey. Some touristic places, shops or taxis might accept Euro or GBP. But be sure to have some local currency with you all the time.

Withdrawal from ATMs

You can mostly use your cards in the ATMs to withdraw Lira and some ATMs also provide Euro, Dollars or Sterling. Try to use the ATMs inside the banks. If you want to use your credit card, make sure that your bank opens your card for international transactions and check your limit.

Shopping & Eating

Most of the stores and shopping malls are open between 09:00 – 21:00. Cafes, bars and restaurants also serve more likely until 00:00. Just check with our colleagues if there are COVID-19 restrictions. Museums are closed on Mondays.

Driving License

You can rent a car and drive with your European driving license. Try to make use of international car rental companies.

Mobile Phone

You can use your mobile phone when in Turkey. Your cellphone will connect of the Turkish GSM operators such as Turkcell, Vodafone Turkey or Türk Telekom.

Public Wi-Fi

There is public Wi- Fi connections in some spots. But don’t be shocked if you can’t find one. You can surf the internet by asking the Wi-Fi password in a restaurant or Cafe you are enjoying.


Pharmacies are opened between 09:00 and 19:00. After that, only one local emergency pharmacy remains opened, one in each neighborhood.

Climate and Weather

You can enjoy 4 seasons in Turkey. While Istanbul is hot during summers and gets mostly snow in winter, İzmir has 300 days of sunshine and never gets snow, mostly very hot during summer. You can contact our team about clothing advices.