Diet & Nutritional Support

Diet & Nutritional Support

Free Diet & Nutritional Support for Bariatric Surgery Clients

medicalfly team never leaves you alone. When your journey for your Bariatric Surgery  in Turkey starts with medicalfly, you will start receiving the benefits even before you arrive to Turkey this means that your Diet & Nutrition after bariatric surgery will be followed up by medicalfly.

You will be contacted by our colleagues before the surgery so that you can get prepared and have a Diet and Nutrition Support for your Bariatric Surgery in Turkey. This includes both a pre-operative preperation and a post operative information session and follow up services up to 2 years including video calls.

In some cases, a preoperative diet might be necessary and in this case, our dietitian will create a suitable nutrition plan for you so that you can have a smooth process of surgery here in Turkey. We will be also assisting you about the points to consider before arriving about your nutrition food consumption.

Diet & Nutrition after Bariatric Surgery is also very important when it comes to maintain a healthy weight. You will also be informed by our nutritionist about the post operative phases of diet and what is waiting for you. So you will be prepared and the healing & resting process will be smooth and comfortable thanks to the information you receive before your operation in Turkey. Your nutrition and diet will be followed by our experts in the post operative period up to 2 years so that you can advance each phase easily and stabilise your weight after your gastric sleeve in Turkey.

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