Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge

What should be considered when choosing a hospital and a surgeon?

By far the most important criterion for the choice of your physician should be his previous experience in the field of weight-loss surgeries.

The experience of the surgeon grows with the years of his work. It is therefore crucial how many successful surgeries the surgeon has already performed, because the success of your surgery considerably depends on the physician’s experience and the competence of the hospital.

In essence, pay attention to the following things:

  • Number of years of professional experience in bariatric surgery
  • Number of surgeries already performed

    Special certificates and awards in the medical field underpin a surgeon’s qualification and references. They will give you confidence in your decision. You can research the doctor’s international awards, certificates and memberships to the global organisations.

    When you want to leave old and bad eating habits, and you want to live a healthier life in the future, sleeve gastrectomy would be the most essential part of your path to success. Please also mind our additional information:


    • Is your operating physician  trustworthy and reliable?
    • Do you feel that your physician respects your  lifestyle and understand your needs?
    • Does your physician know the appropriate surgical method that suits you?
    • Has the method been customized to you?
    • Will you be professionally taken care of after surgery?

      The most important facts you should know about the topic of sleeve gastrectomy

      The lower the weight of the patient before surgery, the higher and better are the prospects for success. A lower weight before surgery allows a shorter surgical intervention and at the same time reduces the risk of possible complications.

      Studies have shown that weight reduction before surgery is directly related to the overall outcome of the surgery. Every patient should be aware of the fact that his/her entire eating habits and previous habits are part of the process. Old habits and dealing with the topic of nutrition must be examined and discussed together with the physician.

      This change takes time and patience but it is essential to achieve a realistic and long-term success. Your sleeve gastrectomy is the most effective way to assist you in your weight reduction. We as the team of medicalfly are always by your side in this process also including the post-operative aftercare.

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