Laparoskopische Schlauchmagenoperation

Gastric sleeve surgery

The Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Our physicians hold the view of the specialist weight-loss surgeons that the gastric sleeve is recommended as a first surgery for patients with a BMI higher than 35, thus offering significant advantages over other surgical procedures. The effect of weight reduction is significant and starts immediately after surgery. Already between three and six months, patients often lose 25kg to 50kg, depending on the starting weight.

In about 80% of patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery, there is a decrease in accompanying diseases like hypertension or diabetes, whereupon a further administration of medication is no longer necessary.

Long-term success in maintaining the weight can be noted. However, in case of a renewed increase, a second narrowing of the stomach (re-sleeves) is possible at any time as well as the possibility of a conversion to a special bypass.


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The surgery itself lasts 45 to 90 minutes. As a rule the patients are transferred to the patients´ station after the recovery phase, are already allowed to have some liquid and are already mobile again  on the same day of he surgery.

The fluid intake is regulated within two days, so that most patients will be able to leave the hospital as early as on the third day after the surgery and are fit to travel after another day. The gastric sleeve surgery is performed using a minimally invasive technique (laparoscopic). As a rule, 3-4 small sleeves (trocars) with a diameter of 5 – 12 mm are inserted via the abdominal wall into the abdominal area. Subsequently, the stomach is removed from the surrounding area to the extent that the stomach is narrowed and severed in the longitudinal direction by means of staples.

In doing so, the pylorus remains intact. The excess portion of the stomach is extracted via one of the abdominal wall accesses. In this way, the gastric capacity is limited to about 100 ml – 150 ml. The tubular conversion and reduction of the stomach leads to the fact that even small amounts of food already lead to an effective and mostly persistent saturation.

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