Batıgöz Health Group, was established in İzmir in 2004 and continues to operate its services in eye health in the following cities in Turkey: Izmir, Istanbul and Manisa.
Batıgöz has also established Balçova Surgical Medical Center in 2017, including 18 different branches.

Batıgöz Health Group serves thousands of people every day with 5 centers domestically and 5 centers abroad.

Besides Turkey, Batıgöz Health Group performs its services in Romania, Ukraine and Netherlands.

Not only in Turkey but also in Romania, Ukraine and the Netherlands does the Batıgöz brand offer solutions for eye health problems to its foreign patients.


Tınaztepe Health Group, including 4 hospitals within its body, aims to provide health service with not only expertise in medicine but with ethical values. Tınaztepe Health Group, provides service with its disabled care center and beauty center besides its medical center and hospitals. Since the day it was established, steadily growing Tınaztepe Health Group, aims to enlarge its service capacity day by day.

Private Tınaztepe Galen Hospital

Private Tınaztepe Galen Hospital was put into service in 2019 in Bayraklı, İzmir with its 9 floors, 20 expertise fields, 12 internal surgery intensive care, 6 coroner intensive care, 31 new-born intensive care and 9 observation beds on 15.000 square meters.

In the hospital there are 6 operating rooms, 3 delivery rooms, physiotherapy and rehabilitation center with 18 beds, radiological viewing center, endoscopical unit, central sterilization unit, comprehensive service lab, eye diagnosis unit, blood transfusion cardiological diagnosis unit, neurological diagnosis unit and odiological diagnosis unit.


Anatomica Health Center was founded in 2005, in Istanbul. Anatomica is serving in the field of ENT, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Surgery and has an expert team and highest standards of technology.

The hospital itself has a unique architectury, expert doctors and high technology materials and also operates internationally.

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