How Does the Process Work With medicalfly?

Choosing a hospital or a health tourism agent abroad is not always very easy. It’s very normal that you have questions in mind about your journey and your surgery. There are countless resources that you can make researches but you can still have question marks in mind.

So How Does the Process Work With medicalfly?

Before arriving at the hospital

Weight-loss surgery / Preoperative diet

Before the operation, you should follow a preoperative diet as a preparation starting 2 weeks before your surgery.

This diet makes the surgeon’s access to the stomach easier and enables more precise work, since the preoperative diet is intended to reduce the size of the liver. You are not obligated to follow this diet but a preoperative diet is recommended and is only intended for the period before surgery. It should not be continued after surgery.

Why should I keep this diet?

With this diet, fat content and carbohydrate levels are maintaned low  in order to reduce the glycogen balance which also helps the patients recover fast and easy after the surgery. Do not let yourself be seduced by a big or rich menu before surgery, as this would immediately reverse the effects of shrinking your liver.

This diet is important because it serves to relieve the gastrointestinal area. It also helps to reduce the size of fatty liver. This allows the body to adapt better to the circumstances after the operation. The preoperative diet also provides insight into the phases after the operation.

You can click here to learn more about the diet and nutrition support for bariatric surgery from medicalfly.


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Nutrition Support

Recommended diet before a bariatric operation

Your preoperative bariatric diet includes a high protein content and low carbohydrates in connection with plenty of fluids.

The week before your surgery, the bariatric diet will consist of foods such as: soup, jelly, pudding, sugar-free juices and easily digestible foods. Sweets and soft drinks are not allowed. Daily 1 Liter of water consumption is recommended. Vegetables as main dish, and a piece of fruit as a snack are allowed.

Also patients who consume lots of caffeine-containing beverages should stop them 2 weeks before surgery.

  • 1st day

    Arrival at the airport, transfer to the hospital – Hospital stay

  • 2nd day

    Detailed preliminary examinations and diagnostics –  also the surgery same day

  • 3rd day

    Hospital Stay

  • 4th day

    Hospital Stay

  • 5th day

    Day of discharge from hospital – Transfer to the hotel

  • 6th day

    Transfer to the airport for your flight to home

Arrival and Surgery

Your journey will be fully organized by medicalfly.

Depending on your flight, our driver will pick you up from the airport with our VIP vehicle and take you to the hospital for the preliminary examinations – you will be welcomed there and accompanied by the medicalfly team.

The next morning the preliminary examinations continue and the surgery itself takes place in the afternoon.

Afterwards you will stay in the hospital for 3 nights due to follow-up checks.

The day before your return you will be picked up by our driver from the hospital and taken to the hotel where you will stay one more night.

On your last day you will be picked up from the hotel and transfer to the airport will be realized according to your departure time.

Other than those, we will be glad to help you further, you can read here about all our other services and other treatment offers with our partners.