Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

The Gastric Bypass

The Gastric Bypass in Turkey

We understand that obesity is not simply a weight problem but a chronic condition which affects the entire body and organs. Gastric Bypass is one of the bariatric or weight loss surgery methods which simply the surgeon makes changes in the way that the consumed food is following. The gastric bypass still restricts the amount of food that your stomach can capacitate, limits the calory and nutrients that your metabolism can absorb and makes changes in the hormones so that you feel fuller longer, suppresses the appetite. Gastric Bypass Surger in Turkey is amongst the popular methods of bariatric surgeries.

Gastric bypass surgery gives the patient a small stomach pouch by removing approximately %80-85 percent of the total pouch. Additionally, the small intestine is simply divided and the below part of the intestine is connected to the new created stomach pouch. Among all these, the upper part of the divided intestine is connected to the small intestine further down so that the stomach acids and other enzymes can meet the consumed food

Gastric Sleeve Turkey
Gastric Bypass in Turkey

The gastric bypass surgery in Turkey is considered as a standard procedure of bariatric surgery for many years. This technique is generally very successful, however increasingly displaced by sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This surgery is also performed using a minimally invasive technique. In doing so, the stomach is closed and severed just below the esophagus with staplers. A link between the small intestine and the small preserved part of the intestine provides the transport of food into the small intestine. The stomach is thus bypassed. In essence, the bypass, as with the gastric sleeve, significantly reduces the amount of food consumed. Compared to the sleeve gastrectomy surgery this surgery method has a few disadvantages. As a rule, after a bypass surgery, lifelong intake of food supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, is necessary.

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FAQ - Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Am I eligible for the gastric bypass? Should I consider other surgical procedures?

While gastric sleeve is considered after a BMI of 35, the gastric bypass is more likely to be considered in higher BMIs with the presence of other health issues. The preoperative examinations and consultations are performed before the surgery and according the results of those, the decision is taken together with the surgeon and patient.

How is the preparation to surgery? Is there a diet, what tests should I have done?

In most cases, there is no pre-operative diet necessary. However, depending on the situation of the liver or your BMI, our experienced partner doctors in Turkey might give you a diet program. On the arrival, a small checkup is performed including the cardiology, pulmonary diseases, psychiatrist, internal medicine, anesthesia consultations. Multiple laboratory and imaging diagnostics are also performed to be sure that there are no unknown health issues with the patient.

When will the weight loss stop after gastric bypass in Turkey? Will I be able to maintain this record?

The weight loss stops approximately around 10-12 months after the surgery. This means that the body has reached the ideal weight and starts to maintain that. After a few months of your surgery, you will be able to eat anything but in small portions. At this point, it is very important that you are complying with the general instructions of the surgeon and our nutrition specialists. If you keep away from carbohydrates, alcohol and do sports, you will maintain your weight and not regain.

How long is the accommodation in Turkey after gastric bypass? When can I go back to work after bypass surgery in Turkey?

The hospitalization period after the gastric bypass in Turkey is 5-6 days. You will be discharged in the 4th or 5th morning of your operation and will need no painkillers. The mobilization of the patient starts a few hours of the surgery since it is also essential to cover up easily. If your work doesn’t require heavy duty, you can go back to work 1 week after your gastric bypass in Turkey. medicalfly recommends minimum of 5 nights hospital and 1 night hotel accommodation.

How is the nutrition after the gastric bypass in Turkey?

The nutrition plan and seminar are given to the patients by our dietitians. You will start with liquid food, go on with smashed food and continue after transacting to the solid food. During the phases, the metabolism will learn from the beginning how to tolerate different food. There is no life time diet but there will be some points to be careful of for the best results. You might need to use supplements for the rest of your life.  medicalfly supports 2 years follow up including the dietitian and psychologist sessions.

How is the aftercare and follow up after gastric bypass in Turkey?

medicalfly keeps your track after your surgery. With periodic calls and reminders, your health and weight will be monitored by us. There will also be some periodic blood tests you should have in your home country. We will keep in touch with you and remind you the next steps. We promise that you will never feel alone after your bypass procedure in Turkey and your recovery will be as smooth as possible.