Mustafa Erol



Dr. Mustafa Erol was born in 1964 in Mersin. He successfully completed his medical studies at Ege University in 1989. Thereupon Dr. Mustafa Erol finished his residency in the Department of General Surgery in the hospital Izmir Tepecik and in 1996 became a specialist in general surgery.

Dr. Mustafa Erol is a specialist in bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery.

In his career he has successfully performed more than 2,000 surgeries, including the sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, transit bipartition and various revision surgeries after bariatric interventions.
Dr. Mustafa Erol is based in Izmir and continues to carry out his activities in this area.

Thanks to our cooperation with Dr. Mustafa Erol we – medicalfly GmbH – continue to offer our patients first-class health services for weight loss surgery.

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