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Psychological Counseling Service from medicalfly

Psychological Counseling for Bariatric Surgery

You have been feeling uncomfortable and out of balance for a long time. Maybe that is why you decided to have a gastric reduction surgery. This is also an important step so we are always by your side at this process both physically and psychologically even after your surgery. You will receive free Psychological Counseling for Bariatric Surgery in Turkey with medicalfly.

We have been offering psychological counseling for bariatric surgery clients. There will be three sessions during this process. A consultation will take place before your operation, the other two sessions after your operation. The aim of these sessions is to be able to understand your feelings, mental state and changes in your life in order to be able to successfully support you on your way. In addition you will fill out a questionnaire that not only records your process, but also shows you in the subsequent discussions what a long and difficult path you have already overcome.

You don’t have to do it alone!

In our first session we would like to get to know you better. We want to find out more about your background within 20 minutes and prepare you as best as possible for the upcoming gastric reduction surgery.

The second session takes place in the first month after your surgery, at the beginning of your weight loss process.  This session lasts 40 minutes. The content of this session will be to analyze changes in your body and to address your self-esteem.  Every little experience plays a major role.

The last session will be six months after your surgery. We assume that there is a high probability that you have lost weight by this point.

Again, we will analyze the changes in your body and discuss the history of your process. In this session, the focus is mainly on your eating habits.

In addition to joy and motivation, there can be a lot of doubt after such a big change. Through the sessions we want to make clear that doubts are normal and that you don’t have to be alone during this journey. We are here for you! Even after your surgery.

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